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Caroli.org, with an excellent team and the integration of authors, coaches, partners and other collaborators, is a company with the mission of sharing knowledge and, thus, contributing to the transformation of a better world.

We help in the transformation of businesses, teams and organizations through agile and effective methodologies, with good ideas in action and teams aligned in the same purpose and the main one: with authorial knowledge, as our Trainings are exclusive and based on the contents of our books.


You will find more details about our exclusive and authorial Trainings, based on the contents of our books, which promote the practical experience of the methods, learning, knowledge exchange between an excellent team of professionals and students, networking opportunities and much more.


You will see our suggestions for Books and E-books, which will help you to better understand our methodologies, acquire a lot of knowledge and promote the agile transformation of your business. From great classics to new releases of free E-books are at this link.



You will be able to follow and learn a lot from the dissemination of various content about agile teams, our methodologies, innovation, digital transformation, product management, entrepreneurship and much more.

Team Caroli.org

Our team is made up of competent and highly qualified professionals. Learn more about Caroli.org People Collaborating:

  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Internal Collaborators
  • Business Partners

Free Carbon

Caroli.org became the first training company with offset carbon credit in Brazil, which reinforces our commitment to sustainability The Moss certification – highlighted as the largest environmental platform in the world that provides the service – proves that our company offset the emission of greenhouse gases in administrative activities in the last year, obtaining the Carbon Friendly seal.

Want to know more details? Check this post.

Editora Caroli

Editora Caroli was born in 2017, when Paulo Caroli decided to take all the steps, from writing a book to printing and selling it.

This book is O Mistério do Colégio Alipus (in Portuguese).

Paulo Caroli follows much of his Silicon Valley apprenticeship into content creation and book publishing. With a Lean StartUp style (building by doing) Editora Caroli was born.

Caroli set up a publishing house to publish her books and to help publish books for friends.


All Books and E-books published by Caroli.org are available on Amazon.

WIP (Writing In Progress)

Editora Caroli presents a new work proposal, bringing authors closer to their readers since the beginning of content generation.

Why wait for the author to finish writing to see if the content is good? In today’s world, this no longer makes sense.

So, Editora Caroli promotes the sharing (free whenever possible) of WIP (Writing In Progress) through E-book formats (pdf, mobi and epub).

In this way, readers have quick access to new ideas and can be part of the evolution of the work. For the authors, this is an effective form of feedback and motivation for content generation.

Finished Book

The book is considered ready when the author decides it is time to print it. This will be the first edition and first printing of the book. For that, the Publisher will do all the bureaucratic procedures to license, publish, print and deliver the books to the readers.

Paulo Caroli is also an author, for this reason he is implementing a new model where the Editora keeps boxes of books with the author, so that he always has books on hand to donate to events, give to friends and provide his readers. However, Editora Caroli only works with authors close to Paulo Caroli.

Reader-centric design

The choice of the cover of the book, as well as the title of the same, must be carried out by the author and his readers. Editora promotes a new proposal, where more than one title and covers are researched before the public decides which best represents the work.

And, given that the book’s content evolves in the WIP (Writing In Progress) style, readers are a fundamental part of its creation and evolution.

Some books will be e-books and WIP forever

Forever is a strong term, but some content will remain e-book-style for a long time. Perhaps the author no longer wants to evolve the content.

At least your E-book is now available, avoiding the waste of writing something and never publishing it.

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