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Anonymity for remote retrospective checkin


I love FunRetrospectives.com. In it I can search for activities ideas and quickly create the agenda for a retrospective. This helps to solve a big problem for Scrum teams that do retrospectives very often: monotony.

What went well? Not so well? How to improve …

There are a thousand and one ways to ask similar questions, organize and facilitate an excellent retrospective. Don’t let your retrospectives become repetitive and monotonous.

This is the strength of FunRetrospectives.com: activities and ideas for you to set up a customised agenda for your retrospective.

You can use FunRetrospectives.com itself as a remote retrospective board. In it, most remote activity boards follow a column style, similar to Trello. You add make notes on cards under the columns, and then talk about them.

But you have other cool tools to perform your remote retrospectives. These are the new online collaboration tools – for example Mural and Miro. They are great options for organising the visual boards for your remote retrospective. They have a virtual wall style with virtual post-its.

Lately, I have been using these tools for facilitating remote Lean Inceptions. So, I started using them also for retrospectives.

If the team is already used to an online collaboration tool, I create a board for the retrospective right there. If not, I use App.Funretrospective.com for remote retrospective.

But there is a very important point: the anonymity of the checkin activity

… And I confess to you that I already messed up with this. Especially now, in this world of remote retrospectives.

The other day, I prepared a board, but the CheckIn activity did not work well. “It was the anonymous bird that added this card” said a participant referring to a note at a remote Safety Check. That was awful! My mistake.

The Safety Check CheckIn must be anonymous. If not, you will not be measuring how safe the participants feel in the context of the retrospective. Or even worse, the person – in my case, the anonymous bird — does not participate as they felt really bad for writing something anonymously, but that did not work.

To resolve this, simply place the link to the Checkin activity on your board. That simple. Guaranteed anonymity. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your Safety check,
  2. copy the URL and
  3. paste it on your Mural board

This is the link to create your safety check: https://app.funretrospectives.com/?activity=safety-check

Want a good alternative to Safety Check? I recommend the Happiness radar. Follow:

This is the link to create your happiness radar: https://app.funretrospectives.com/?activity=happiness-radar

Keep the retrospectives, fun and safe, whether remote or in person.

Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is the author of the best-selling book “Lean Inception: How to Align People and Build the Right Product” (the first on a series of books on business agility). He's also the creator of FunRetrospectives.com , a site and book about retrospectives, futurospectives and team building activities. Caroli writes on this blog frequently. Receive the next post in your email. Sign up here.
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