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Caroli.org obtains Carbon Credit Certification

Caroli.org became the first carbon offset training company in Brazil. The Moss certification – highlighted as the largest environmental platform in the world that provides the service – proves that our company has compensated for the emission of greenhouse gases.

The initiative is in line with our mission to make the world a better place. Therefore, we also defend that the debate on projects, environmental and planet preservation and sustainable choices must be something intrinsic to all organizations and their employees.

According to Moss, the concept of carbon credit emerged from the Kyoto Protocol, still in 1997, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gases, which imply different environmental problems associated with climate change.


>> Learn more about it: https://moss.earth/pt-br/voce-precisa-saber-tudo-sobre-credito-de-carbono.


Caroli.org, with an excellent team and the integration of authors, coaches, partners and other collaborators, has as its main mission to share knowledge and, in this way, contribute to the transformation of a better world. See more details about our authorial and exclusive Trainings, our Books and many other content on our Blog.

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