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12 Jan 2023 | Agile Culture

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Steve Upton and I have worked for a few months in an article about a very successful workshop we have been running to help organisations going through a data transformation align their Data Mesh goals and strategy.

In fact, the workshop is an initial path for new domains getting into the organisational transformation towards Data Mesh.

Martin Fowler has helped us shaping and sharing this article. You can read the article in his website: Data Mesh Accelerate Workshop, how to align your Data Mesh goals and strategy.

To accelerate means to move faster, to gain speed. Effectively working with data is key for any organization that wants to thrive in the modern world, and Data Mesh is showing organizations how to realise value from their data, at scale. The Data Mesh Accelerate workshop helps teams and organisations accelerate their Data Mesh transformation, by understanding their current state and exploring what the next steps will look like.  – from Continue reading the article.

Here is the Data Mesh Principles and Logical Architecture article by Zhamak Dehghani at

Here is a previous post explaining how I got into Data Mesh.

Here is a recent post sharing some Data Mesh learnings and challenges.

Coming soon… more about my learnings (and a template) for Data Product Lean Inceptions.



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