About prices and discounts

Below are information about Caroli.org’s pricing and discount policy

Price* per language (for remote trainings)

Language Currency Value
Portuguese BRL 1169,00
Spanish USD 344,00
English USD 434,00

*Values ​​will be readjusted in February 2023.

This is the price table for enrolling in any of the Caroli.org training courses. We do not have a different price policy, according to the client. Nor do we have people selling the training, who earn some commission on the sale.

About discount

These are the only discount options:
  • groups of more than 5 participants or In Company Training – talk to the Commercial Sector at [email protected] to understand the partnership options.
  • chain of good will – 100% discount for those who are unable to pay at this moment. More info here.
We do not have any other specific discounts for individuals or institutions.

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