Certified FunRetro Facilitator

Certified FunRetro Facilitator

The Certified Lean Inception Facilitator is awarded to people who participate in FunRetro training, taught by an authorized trainer.

In the FunRetro training you receive the necessary tools and tips to facilitate FunRetros, improving your retrospectives and similar meetings.

Requirement for Certified FunRetro Facilitator certification

To earn your certificate, you must take FunRetro training from an authorized trainer.

What should you do after receiving your certificate?

Facilitate many retrospectives. Share your knowledge and your achievements. Participate in communities and discussion groups. Write a post, make a video about your experience with retrospectives, create a talk. Share!

Many companies are looking for people with this capability. If you use LinkedIn, add this certificate of yours to your profile. This walkthrough shows you how to add your FunRetro Facilitator certificate to LinkedIn.

Become a FunRetro Facilitator now!

Are you ready to advance your career with the FunRetro certification? Start by learning more about retrospectives and finding FunRetro training. If you have other questions, please visit the training page or contact contato.com [email protected] .

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