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Certified Lean Inception Facilitator – CLF

Certified Lean Inception Facilitator – CLF®

The CLF® — Certified Lean Inception Facilitator® — certificate is awarded to participants in the Lean Inception training, taught by an authorized CLT® trainer.

In the Lean Inception training, the CLF® receives the necessary tools and tips for facilitating Lean Inception workshops, increasing the chances of success for teams, companies and their products.

CLF®s understand all the activities of the Lean Inception workshop, learn how to conduct them, through Design Thinking and Lean StartUp to help a group of people build the right product.

When you receive a CLF® certificate, you will:

  • Expand your career opportunities by adopting advanced agile practices.
  • Demonstrate to employers and colleagues your practical knowledge on digital product, agile methods, Design Thinking and Lean StartUp.
  • Learn the foundation of Lean Startup and the importance of the Minimum Viable Product concept.
  • Join a community of facilitators who are committed to delivering success.

In addition to your CLF® certificate, you will also receive a logo with your name to highlight your credential. Many companies are looking for people with this training. If you use LinkedIn, add this certificate to your profile.

This step by step shows you how to add your Lean Inception Facilitator certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

The first step in the certificate direction is to understand a little more about the Lean Inception subject. The Lean Inception book page is an excellent start (with links to posts, pdf and many Lean Inception resources).

Talk to others about it and check out what people are talking about Lean Inception; check the comments on the Amazon.com book page.

Requirements for Lean Inception Certification

To earn your CLF®, you must take a Lean Inception training from an authorized CLT® trainer. With its Lean Inception certification, you also get access to some Lean Inception resources. Through this association, you will receive emails with links, special discounts and additional resources only for certified individuals.


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