Certified Trainer on Linkedin

Follow this step by step to add your Caroli.org Certified Trainer badge to your LinkedIn page.

1. Open your LinkedIn profile edit page

You can access the edit page directly by clicking here. If you are not yet logged in to the platform, enter your username and password.

2. Fill in the Caroli.org Certified Trainer information

Please find below the fields for a Caroli.org Certified Lean Inception Trainer certification. Please adjust it to the certification you have received in your e-mail.

  • Name: Certified Lean Inception Trainer
  • Issuing organisation: Caroli.org
  • This credential does not expire: do not check this.
  • Date of issue: Enter the date of your train the trainer class (this date is on your certificate that you received by email)
  • Expiration date: January 2022 (please add January of the next year; every year, on January beginning we will issue you a new certificate gives you are still a trainer)
  • Credential code: This field is optional and you should leave it blank.
  • Credential URL: https://caroli.org/en/certified-lean-inception-trainer-clt/

Click Save

We wish you amazing Lean Inceptions,

Caroli.org Team

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