Training with proven and guaranteed quality

Caroli.org Trainings (Lean Inception, Product Backlog Building (PBB), Lean Delivery, Sprint to Sprint and FunRetrospectives), both those carried out in Open Classes and for groups organizations (In Company Classes), are totally exclusive and authorial, that is, created by the author of the book and the method and taught by certified professionals who are prominent in their respective areas of expertise.

In addition, all our Trainings are of proven quality, with an average of positive feedback above 9, on a scale of 0 to 10. This brand has the participation of a special and very important component: you. Your feedback when completing the Trainings is fundamental for our improvement and promotion of improvements, always aiming to qualify and enhance our mission: to share knowledge and, thus, contribute to the transformation of a better world.

To collect your feedback, we used the concept of NPS (Net Promoter Score) with the following question: Considering your complete experience with the Training, how likely are you to recommend this Training to a friend or colleague? (0 – very unlikely; 10 – very likely).

So, how does the NPS-based Training payment methodology work at Caroli.org?

1) You register and participate in the chosen Training.

2) The amount paid in the acquisition of the Training is awaiting your feedback (NPS assessment) on the service received.

3) If you gave an assessment with a score greater than 7, that is, if the service received met your expectations, this means that the investment made by you will be distributed among the collaborators of Caroli.org: trainers, authors and internal collaborators.

4) If your evaluation has a grade lower than 7, that is, if the service received did not meet your expectations, you will have the option to choose the return on investment or, then, schedule the Training again on another date and with other people coaches.

In this way, with a lot of transparency and dialogue, we apply the NPS methodology to evaluate performance and pay for Training at Caroli.org.

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