Further Exploration (for the options candidates) – workshop activity

19 Oct 2021 | Inception Activities

Let’s take a deeper look from the perspective of the users, either using or impacted by these initiatives. Let’s share and/or try to find out more information about them.

Build something that customers love—and that work nicely for your business.

Step by Step

  1. For each initiative candidate, identify the users directly involved or impacted by them
  2. Share the users’ needs and the context around them
  3. Talk about possible solutions to improve the user´s experience


Connecting with the previous activities

This activity is a follow up on the previous activities: OKR activity and Explore options activity.

The output of the Explore options activity is a set of initiative candidates in the following format:

We believe that <initiative> will help with <OKR>

Such output is great as it connects the initiative to OKR (typically business OKR). But it might lack some explicit connection with the users (and whatever information you have on them).

Hopefully you already have the focus on the users. Even better, you already have great User Research information.

The main goal of the Further Exploration activity is to provide the extra information about the initiatives, now with the focus on the users.

As the name suggest, Further Exploration will provide more information, it will provide further exploration about each initiative in order to prioritise them.


You can find this activity on the following Mural template:


This is part of a series of Inception activities.



Paulo Caroli

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