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6 Jul 2021 | Retrospective

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We have just released this brand new cool feature for the group management. Now it’s possible to group your retrospectives boards in a very intuitive interface where you can:

  • create a group 
  • associate a retrospective board to a group 
  • move retrospectives board between groups 
  • share group URL with anyone 


Besides that, all retrospectives you create and participate are automatically saved into your dashboard, so you can access it easily and associate it to a group whenever you want.


It has been very helpful to us. Let us know if it’s useful for you, too


Thank you for using the App, giving feedback and asking for more features.


So, the newest feature has been released: group management.

This feature was prioritised after receiving the following and many similar questions / requests:


“Where can I keep my retro boards?” 


“I want to view all my team retros, how can I do it?”


“I am using FunRetro for many of my teams. Can I group the boards by teams?” 


“I organize my boards like this: closed, pending and new. Closed for when all the retrospective action items are done; pending for when there are pending action items for that retrospective; and new for the newly created boards. I would love it if I could have this organization within; is it possible?”


So, the answer is yes!


Yes, you can create groups and better organize your retrospectives boards. Our app now has the group management feature. On it you can create groups, associate and move boards between  groups.


Why was this feature prioritised?


The FunRetro team also has many recurring retrospectives. And, similarly to many of our users, we also keep track of the retrospective boards.


Before this feature was released, we used to do it by copying the board URL and keeping it in another location (a shared Google Doc). But, this was a little weird… Whenever we would have our recurring retrospective, someone would ask: “Where is that google doc with all the retro boards?”


Now it is much simpler. You organize and run your retrospective. Then you add it to your group area.


And, in case you need to look at previous retrospectives, it is all there together, in the same area.




Please find below a few snapshots of the new feature.


assign a retro to a group


create a new group


sample: retro boards organised (grouped) as: closed, pending and new


sample: retro boards organised (grouped) by team


share group URL with anyone



Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is the author of the best-selling book “Lean Inception: How to Align People and Build the Right Product” (the first on a series of books about Lean Strategy and Delivery). He's also the creator of , a site and book about retrospectives, futurospectives and team building activities. Caroli writes on this blog frequently. Receive the next post in your email. Sign up here .
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