Lean Inception Posters

Download 8 posters used to facilitate Lean Inception workshops in PDF files for printing in A1 or A2 size.

What will you download in this pack?

Burn Up Agenda

The burn-up agenda helps with managing the time and scope of a workshop. Having the agenda visible to everyone builds confidence in time management and the progress of activities as a whole. It is a simple and effective tool for planning and facilitating the workshop.

Print on A2 size paper


The Is-Not-Do-Don’t activity helps define a topic (whether it’s a product, a team, or a strategy). Sometimes it is easier to describe something by what it is not or does not do. This activity seeks clarification in this way, specifically asking each positive and negative aspect of being or doing something.

Print on A1 size paper

Persona and User Journey

To effectively identify the functionality of a system, it is important to keep the users and their goals in mind. The way normally used to represent these users is through personas.

A persona represents a user, describing not only their role but also their specific needs. This creates a realistic representation of users, helping the team to describe features from the point of view of who will interact with the final product.

Print on A1 size paper

Business and UX Technical Review

Brainstorming usually generates a lot of functionality in a short time. But we need to invest time to detail them. It is necessary to reassess them, normalize them, and, if possible, discard what does not make sense to carry on.

To evolve in this understanding, the Business and UX Technical Review is used.

Print on A1 size paper

Product Vision

The product vision describes the types of services you intend to provide and the types of customers you intend to serve, typically focusing on a period of 1 to 3 years.

As such, the product vision provides a roadmap and context for MVPs, and the MVP canvas helps with understanding and alignment about the MVP, seeking learning and hypothesis validation, providing feedback on alignment with the product vision.

Print on A1 size paper


The sequencer is a visual, easy to understand and very effective tool for people to better understand, organize and prioritize their work items.

Print on A1 size paper

Canvas MVP

Canvas MVP is a tool for validating product ideas. It is a visual framework that helps entrepreneurs to align and define the MVP–Minimum Viable Product strategy, the simplest version of a product that can be made available to the business (minimum product) and that can be effectively used and validated by the end user (viable product).

Print on A1 size paper

Parking Lot and Glossary

“Idea parking” helps to momentarily archive any items, ideas or questions that are raised during a conversation in Lean Inception activity, but are not useful for the discussion at that specific moment.

Print on A1 size paper

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