Experimentation Sprints: The story of one entrepreneur success

Innovation isn’t easy, so taking a close look on how someone succeeded with it is very helpful.

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Joe´s direct superior has appointed him as the perfect candidate to lead a project with great challenges and without a clear way out: a project that sought an innovative solution.

The solution to Joe’s problem required creative thinking, it had to be cheap, mobile, adaptable, accurate, and compliant with the company’s strict security rules.

Joe talked to some friends who put him in contact with the authors of this e-book. “These guys will help you with innovation, service design, agile methodology and the like.”

This e-book is about this success story.


About the Authors

Gabriel Albo

Gabriel Albo is a User Experience Design consultant with a background in development and experience with agile methodologies. Learn, produce and be part of (r)evolution – its goal is to acquire knowledge and innovate, to create things that last.

Specialties: User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Front-End Development, Agile Methodologies, Information Architecture, Usability, Interface Design, Java and Ruby on Rails.

Geison Goes

Geison Goes started writing software when he was fourteen years old on a 486, his first software being a video rental management system written in Clipper.

But he started writing code for a living around 2004 at startups and consulting firms and continued his career at companies like Hewlett Packard and ThoughtWorks.

Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is a passionate professional. Yes, passionate about innovations, entrepreneurship, digital products, projects, people, challenges, solutions and transformations.

The book Lean Inception brings together all his years of experience as a facilitator of inception workshops for several companies, as a Thoughtworks Principal Consultant.

Since 2006, he has focused his experience on Agile & Lean processes and practices, which is why his method has won many readers around the world. Lean Inception has already been released in four languages, in addition to being a best seller on Amazon!

As a software engineer, author, speaker and facilitator, Caroli has helped many people and companies make their projects come to life!

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