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FunRetrospectives: Activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging

Retrospectives help to improve communication, productivity and quality of the team, identification and resolution of conflicts. This book has the tools you need to do it all, making projects successful.

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Retrospectives help a team achieve success. Each person on a team brings a different life experience, a different perspective. Effective retrospectives leave everyone comfortable, aligned, and ready to be part of the best experience possible.

Knowing this, authors Paulo Caroli and Tainã Caetano Coimbra worked to make the Retrospectives even more effective. So they realized something very important: a light and fun approach is the main way to facilitate a good Retrospective!

This complete and illustrated book will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose which activity will be most suitable for your team, while having a wide variety of activities and diverse ideas always at your disposal.

But what is a FunRetro?

These are Retrospective activities to transform a group of people into a team in a fun and effective way!

“Lively and focused retrospectives have a better chance of achieving effective results. So I often link to funretrospectives.com as a great source of activity options and for the event as a whole… !

Now I have a useful answer to the inevitable question of where to find more about Retrospectives. I can recommend this book…” – by Diana Larsen, from the book’s preface.


What are the different types of Retrospective activities?

With explanations and examples of which type of FunRestrospectives, you’ll have access to a guide to planning and organizing your seven-step agenda. This book offers a toolkit with many ideas and activities.

These activities can be combined in a sequence or used individually in different contexts. To help you plan your Retrospective, this agenda outlines the seven steps you will take to achieve your goal:

  • Energizers: activities to start off any meeting and get people energized.
  • Check-in: activities to measure participants’ engagement and understand more about their feelings at the start of a meeting.
  • Team building: activities to define ground rules and get a team started.
  • Retrospectives: activities to look back and reflect on the past.
  • Futurespectives: activities to look ahead and plan for the future.
  • Filtering: activities to prioritize items for discussion.
  • Check-out: activities to organize action items or collect feedback about the meeting.


What else will this book teach me?

Besides all the activities and the background learning you need, the authors also prepared tips to adapt your retrospectives for remote platforms, something that is so important nowadays.

About the authors

Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is a passionate professional. Yes, passionate about innovations, entrepreneurship, digital products, projects, people, challenges, solutions and transformations.

The book Lean Inception brings together all his years of experience as a facilitator of inception workshops for several companies, as a Thoughtworks Principal Consultant.

Since 2006, he has focused his experience on Agile & Lean processes and practices, which is why his method has won many readers around the world. Lean Inception has already been released in four languages, in addition to being a best seller on Amazon!

As a software engineer, author, speaker and facilitator, Caroli has helped many people and companies make their projects come to life!

Tainã Caetano Coimbra

Tainã Caetano Coimbra is a software engineer passionate about continuous learning and improvement, with over ten years of industry experience as a developer, coach, mentor and facilitator.

Having worked with a number of teams in Brazil, Asia, Europe and North America, he has found great value in promoting team dynamics that elevate all members to their fullest power to be the best they can be.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Pelotas and works at Split Software.

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What others have said about this book

I wish I had come across this kind of ressources many years back. It’s full of ressources and tools you can learn and immediately apply to your next team meetings to make them really fun and engaging yet very productive. This book has changed my perspective about facilitating team meetings to get the maximum out of them in a fun and innovative way. I love it and recommend it to all team leaders or facilitators of group meetings.

Adama Coulibaly

Easy to read with lot of examples, I would definitely recommend it to everyone doing agile and interested in retrospective.

Vijaya Raghavendra


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