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Sprint by Sprint: Transforming a group of people into a high-performing product team

Learn practices and techniques for forming and developing agile teams, in addition to the different stages they experience in search of continuous improvement.


“Mary and Paulo have made this book seem like an old friend, ready to open and read about any troubling issue… You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll groan. You’ll cheer. You’ll have a great time and learn a lot.” – Linda Rising

The authors have combined their years of experience in different roles and organizations to write an uncomplicated and experiential book for all professionals who already work or wish to work as part of an agile team.

The success of a product happens when bringing together a group of people, with diffe- rent talents and skills, to work as a high-performing team towards the same goal: delivering the best possible outcomes! With real examples of mistakes and achievements of an agile team, Mary and Caroli share what happened Sprint by Sprint.

By reading this work, you will learn to:

  • Effectively connect and communicate with the team;
  • Better facilitate team meetings and ceremonies such as planning, review, retrospective, etc.;
  • Incorporate other practices, frameworks, and methods into your work, such as Lean Inception, Scrum, Kanban, etc.;
  • Identify mistakes and achievements of your team, always looking for continuous improvement;
  • And much more!

What does “Sprint by Sprint” mean?

Sprint is a time iteration used in the agile world. It is from this time that tasks, meetings and deliveries are defined. Sprint promotes a cadence, typically one to four weeks, depending on the team’s preference. The book brings you everything that happened day after day, showing how the team solved each challenge that arose.


What are the methods and tools involved?

You will learn how to incorporate other tools and methods into your work, such as Lean Inception, Scrum, Kanban, Canvas MVP, OKRs, etc.


How do I know if this book is for me?

It is for you, as it brings content for all types of professionals. Whether you are the leader of a team leading a project, or one of the professionals who is part of it, or even if you have never been involved in a team, but hope that this will happen in the future.

One of the different pieces of knowledge you will acquire when reading this book is how to correctly use each of the Scrum meetings!

  • Sprint Planning: meeting for the team to check the backlog and plan the objectives for the next Sprint.
  • Sprint Review: this meeting is where the team must review the progress of the last Sprint and evaluate the current backlog.
  • Retrospective: meeting that promotes the moment in which the team seeks continuous improvement in relation to the process, delivery and interaction between people.
  • Daily Scrum: that quick meeting in which the team checks the progress of the work and identifies impediments that need to be resolved.


Connect with people effectively, save time and resources, learn what has already been done and learn how to replicate successes in your agile team!


About the Author

Mary Provinciatto

Mary Provinciatto is passionate about Lean and Agile. Acting as Senior Engagement Lead at Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, he helps clients overcome technical and business challenges through digital and agile transformation. Mary has solid experience in building and leading teams and over 15 years of experience in IT, solving complex problems and delivering value through technology.

Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is a passionate professional. Yes, passionate about innovations, entrepreneurship, digital products, projects, people, challenges, solutions and transformations.

The book Lean Inception brings together all his years of experience as a facilitator of inception workshops for several companies, as a Thoughtworks Principal Consultant.

Since 2006, he has focused his experience on Agile & Lean processes and practices, which is why his method has won many readers around the world. Lean Inception has already been released in four languages, in addition to being a best seller on Amazon!

As a software engineer, author, speaker and facilitator, Caroli has helped many people and companies make their projects come to life!

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