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6 Jun 2020 | Lean Inception, Mural, Remote

Lean inception is the effective combination of Design Thinking and Lean StartUp to decide the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is a collaborative workshop that will help a group of people — typically an agile team, a squad, or a product team — understand, align and plan the building of the lean product. The construction of a successful product starts with a Lean Inception.

>> Enjoy the Remote Lean Inception template for Mural

Why did I work on this template?

The year started with many Lean Inceptions. There were four Lean Inception workshops in the first six weeks of the year.

Of these, only one was remote, for my colleagues at Thoughtworks China. They asked me to help facilitate their inception. The whole team was working remotely, so I could facilitate it, from Barcelona.

Until March of this year, the vast majority of Lean Inceptions that I facilitated were in person. Sometimes I helped a remote team, but that was an exception.

Now everything has changed. What started in China, was soon happening here in Spain and in several countries around the world: Lock down! The great majority of software people was working remotely.

Meetings, Lean Inceptions, and other remote workshops. This has been my daily life; or rather, week by week in the case of the Lean Inception workshops (a typical Lean Inception agenda is from Monday to Friday).

With each remote facilitation, I created or re-created a team specific board in the tool for visual collaboration. But after the first, second and third time, I decided to stop recreating.

I needed a template.

But, my other fellow Lean Inception facilitators also need a template. In fact, many of these were also facilitating many remote inceptions.

I talked with one person, with another, another… Until I got together with Ana Paula da Silva and Gabriel Viégas on some weekends and several evening sessions to create, test, and finally publish the Lean Inception template for Mural:

>> Enjoy the Remote Lean Inception template for Mural

>> Join the Mural Lean Inception webinar on Jun 9th 9 am Pacific Time Zone

>> Check out Ana Paula’s article about the Remote Lean Inception template

>> Check out Gabriel Viégas article about the Remote Lean Inception template

>> More about Lean Inception



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