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Collaboration and Agility Training Program

Looking to Truly Enhance Team Collaboration and Agility?

Introducing the Collaboration and Agility Training Program for organizations aiming to enhance team collaboration and organizational agility.

Who is Paulo Caroli?

Paulo Caroli is a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and international consultant, a pioneer in agile methods and lean startup. Known for fostering collaborative and agile environments, he has spent years helping organizations optimize their work dynamics. With extensive experience, he supports organizations seeking this evolution. Having embraced a more agile and collaborative work style for over two decades, Paulo recognizes that for many companies, these changes are still emerging.

What is this Training Program?

The program consists of a series of three training sessions led by Paulo Caroli, aimed at guiding teams from large organizations towards a more collaborative and agile culture.

Who is it for?

It’s aimed at organizational leaders and teams eager to learn practically from someone with over two decades of experience in applying and developing these concepts.

Training participation includes

  • Support material
  • Learning and networking
  • Certificate


USD $11,855.00 per group (up to 25 people).

How do the training sessions work?

You must schedule the following training sessions within a six-week period. These sessions will be taught by Paulo Caroli and will address key topics in collaboration and agility, including:

  • Alignment and execution of team objectives: 2 meetings of 3 hours each.
  • Understanding Agile and Scrum: 1 meeting of 4 hours.
  • Improving teamwork and collaboration through retrospectives: 3 meetings of 2.5 hours each.

Training sessions are limited to 25 people per class. Session scheduling is coordinated with caroli.org’s coordinator, allowing you to choose the participants for each training. Some companies prefer to keep the same group throughout all the trainings, while others opt to diversify the participants.

Bring this training to your company. Contact us at + 55 51 985000775 or [email protected].

Frequently asked questions about training

What do I get by participating in the Training Program?

As a participant of this training program, you’ll earn a Certificate of Participation for each session. By the end, you’ll gain the ability to understand and implement agile and Scrum basics, organize and follow through on effective team OKRs, and cultivate a positive work environment where team members are heard and actions are impactful.

Who will teach the Training?

The training will be taught by author Paulo Caroli. Authorized trainers always value ethics, respect for society and people. We respect and follow our Code of Conduct.


What are the prerequisites to participate in this Training?

No prior knowledge is necessary to join this training program. What’s essential is a positive attitude towards collaboration and an open mind ready to learn and engage with new concepts.

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