FunRetrospectives Training

How to seek continuous improvement of the team, improve efficiency and efficiency, and manage conflicts?

Based on the book FunRetrospectives: Activities and Ideas to Make Your Agile Retrospectives More Engaging, by Paulo Caroli and Tainã Caetano Coimbra, the FunRetrospectives Training is a training course that teaches, step by step and preparing in great detail, how to facilitate and efficient Retrospectives . Retrospectives helps to improve communication, productivity and quality, in addition to promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences. This ability to learn well and about problems is one of the secrets of acting and agile – successful times, which identify and resolve conflicts.

You will learn

  • Many Retrospective activities to facilitate with the team
  • How to select a good activity for the beginning, middle and end of a Retrospective
  • How to combine Retrospective activities
  • How activities can drive a Retrospective
  • Several simple metaphors to increase participation in Retrospectives
  • How to extract value and seek continuous improvement in each iteration

Target Audience

  • Scrum Masters
  • Facilitators
  • People managers
  • Project managers
  • People interested in continuous improvement


Remote (online and live) training: duration of 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Presential training: duration of 8 hours.

Training participation includes


USD $ 516.00 per participant.

In Company Training

Bring this training to your company. Contact us at + 34 694633940 or [email protected].

Interested in this training?

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Frequently asked questions about training

What do I get by participating in the Training?

In addition to learning various practices and techniques, which can help you achieve better results by facilitating Retrospectives with your team, and networking with other participants, you will have the chance to discuss facilitation tips and frequently asked questions about everyday life. team day. You will receive a Certificate of Participation in the Training.

Who will teach the Training?

One of the authorized trainers, all with a lot of experience in the subject and with excellent feedback from those who participated in previous trainings. Authorized trainers always value ethics, respect for society and people. We respect and follow our Code of Conduct.


What are the prerequisites to participate in this Training?

This Training has no prerequisites for participation.

What are people saying about this training?

It was a very rich learning experience and very happy moments in the midst of the exchange of knowledge due to the relaxed atmosphere.

João Maia
Data Engineer

There is always something to learn! I learned how to set up a Retrospective/Team Building/Futurespective considering the context and using the new techniques! There is always a way to arrange the techniques as a way of responding to the context.

Francisco Marcelo Meira Ferreira
Business Agility

It was an incredible experience. It brought me several insights on how to innovate and think about the retrospective really as an important moment and that yes, it brings continuous improvement.

Livia Thé
Agile Coach | Facily

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