Product Backlog Building Training

How to engage team members, create and refine the Backlog and its User Stories?

Based on the book Product Backlog Building: A practical guide to creating and refining a backlog for successful products, by authors Fábio Aguiar and Paulo Caroli, the Product Backlog Building (PBB) Training is a unique and intense experience, through hands-on sessions , which will help to build a backlog in a shared way, with a shared understanding of the customer’s business, facilitating the discovery and understanding of the product. Created by Fábio Aguiar, the method uses PBB Canvas as a facilitation tool, seeking a way to describe the user experience with the product, in addition to facilitating the discovery and writing of User Stories.

You will learn

  • Build a shared understanding of the product need
  • Facilitate product discovery and writing user stories
  • Structuring the granularity of backlog items
  • Prioritize the items of greatest importance to the product and greatest value to the customer
  • Improve team work by building and refining the backlog

Target Audience

  • Agile Coaches
  • Product Owners (PO)
  • Scrum Masters
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business analysts
  • User eXperience
  • Developer People


Remote (online and live) training: duration of 7 hours.


Training participation includes


USD $ 516.00 per participant.

In Company Training

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Interested in this training?

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Frequently asked questions about training

What do I get by participating in the Training?

In addition to participating in the development of a Product Backlog and networking with other participants, you will have the chance to discuss tips and frequently asked questions about the PBB book. You will receive the e-book, support material and the Certificate of participation in this training.

Can I take the PBB Training without having taken the Lean Inception Training?

He can. The PBB Training will clarify about the PBB method, which is not dependent on Lean Inception. But, it is important to be aware that many people in this Training already have experience with Lean Inception and MVP.

Who will teach the Training?

One of the people certified and able to teach the Training, all with a lot of experience in the subject and with excellent feedback from those who participated in previous Trainings. Authorized trainers always value ethics, respect for society and people. We respect and follow our Code of Conduct.

What are the prerequisites to participate in this Training?

This Training has no prerequisites for participation.

What are people saying about this training?

The exchanges of experience and the learning that I have absorbed are priceless, congratulations.

Carla Carmo
Scrum Master

At each dynamic, I was able to relate it on how to apply into my team. The clarity and form of conducting it was very effective.

Michel Anderson Lutz
Agile Coach

This training covers the practice of building and maintaining a backlog, contributing to better serve the purpose of a product. The didactics used and the simplicity when presenting the method facilitate the understanding of an essential theme for the day to day of a digital product.

Felipe Araujo de Oliveira
Director of Engineering

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