Product Leadership and Strategic Alignment Training

Are you ready to take your leadership and strategic skills to the next level and make a significant impact in your organization?

Join our Continuous Triple-Track Alignment: Bridging Business Goals, Product Coordination & Discovery, and Delivery training, an online and live program specifically designed for managers and product leaders who want to drive business success. This program offers you the opportunity to fully leverage key concepts such as Business Vision & Strategy, OKR, Product Thinking, Discovery, Inception, and Continuous Delivery. Instead of addressing these practices, methods, and frameworks separately, you will learn how to integrate them following the Continuous Triple-Track Alignment approach. Discover how to enhance your leadership skills, strategically align your work, and achieve exceptional results in your organization. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to boost your business success!

You will learn

  • Basic concepts of Vision and Strategy
  • Effective utilization of OKR, connecting it to the Discovery and the Delivery Tracks
  • Product Thinking for innovation
  • Product Coordination & Discovery for better results
  • Application of Lean Inception and Continuous Delivery with Scrum or Kanban

Other topics covered

  • Cost of Delay
  • Product/Initiative/Feature prioritization
  • Effective outcome-to-output integration
  • Dual Track Development (Discovery and Delivery)
  • Business Alignment Activities to Quick Start Product Initiatives

Target Audience

  • Product Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Professionals and other people interested in the topic


Remote training: 4 hours per day (or two consecutive days, 2 hours per day), conducted online and live.

Training participation includes


USD $ 258.00 per participant

In Company Training

Bring this training to your company. Contact us at + 34 694633940 or [email protected].

Frequently asked questions about training

What do I get by participating in the Training?

In addition to learning various practices and techniques that can help you achieve better results and network with other participants, you will have the chance to discuss facilitation tips and frequently asked questions about the day to day of teams. You will receive a Certificate of Participation in the Training.

Who will teach the Training?

For now, this Training is being taught by the author Paulo Caroli. Authorized trainers always value ethics, respect for society and people. We respect and follow our Code of Conduct.

What are the prerequisites to participate in this Training?

This Training has no prerequisites for participation.

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