Scrum Basics Training

How to help the team to be efficient in the way of working?


Based on the Scrum Basics E-book, Scrum Basics Training takes place online and live and contains everything you need to understand and start using the Scrum framework right away, making the team’s work more efficient and organized. With visual resources and activities to explain and explore the basic concepts of this incredible framework, the Training includes all the fundamental information about Scrum, such as Pillars, Values, Roles, Events and Artifacts.

You will learn

  • Scrum History
  • Scrum Pillars (Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation)
  • Scrum Values ​​(Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect and Courage)
  • Scrum Roles, Events, and Artifacts
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Target Audience

  • Team members
  • Leaders
  • Too many people interested in agility


Remote (online and live) training: 3 hours.

Training participation includes

  • E-book Scrum Basics
  • Aprendizado e networking
  • Certificate


USD $ 193.00 per participant.

In Company Training

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Interested in this training?

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