XP and Design at the Agile Brazil 2009 conference

28 maio 2009 | Eventos e Treinamentos

Where did the Design phase go? There is a misconception that XP does not promote design. In fact, it is quite the opposite. And I will be talking about it at the Agile Brazil 2009 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 27th.

I have been presenting on XP and Design, where I share my experience on how XP promotes continuous design improvement through Simple Design, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development (TDD) and Refactoring.

This session was very successful when presented in other conferences (please see history of this session below), bringing the mixed audience (junior and senior developers, as well as coach, testers and managers) into what felt like a good conversation about XP।Similarly to XP’s Evolutionary design, this session has evolved into its current form. The feedback from every time the session has been presented was reincorporated as improvements. I don’t try to sell XP as the silver bullet for software development. Instead I talk about my experience in traditional and agile development approaches, and what I have seen working (or not working so well) in the projects I have been exposed to.

History of this Session

From the past three years, I have been giving training on Introduction to Agile, and Agile development practices, such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Refactoring.

In the beginning of 2007, I created the Introduction to Test Driven Development and the Continuous Integration sessions for internal training at ThoughtWorks.

In October 2007, I gave the Refactoring to Patterns – a practical look into the Agile approach on Evolutionary Design session at the IndicThreads 2007 conference, Pune, India.

In March 2008, I refactored the previous given presentation into its new form: Evolutionary Design through TDD and Refactoring practices. This session was presented with Kurman Karabukaev at the Google TestaPalooza 2008 conference. This session was awarded the conference’s Certificate of Excellence. The audience really liked the pair-presenting style during the session, and the discussion on different Agile (and non-Agile) experiences by the presenters.

In June 2008, the session evolved into the Agile Evolutionary Design for the Agile China 2008 conference. Once again the session was well received by the audience of 300+ people.

In October 2008, I invited Sudhindra Rao to improve the session and co-present in an upcoming conference. Sudhindra and I had been pair-presenting on ThoughtWorks internal Agile training. The session re-emerged as its current version: XP and Design – Where did the Design phase go? This session was given at the IndicThreads 2008 conference, Pune, India. This session was very successful, bringing the mixed audience (junior and senior developers, as well as coach, testers and managers) into what felt like a good conversation about XP and how we saw it working previously.

Speaking at home country

I am very excited to be speaking at my home country and present on one of my favorite topics: XP Design. Also it is an honor to be speaking next to amazing speakers and agilists such as Jason Yip, Adam Monago, Manoel Pimentel, Rodrigo de Toledo and Alisson Vale.

Paulo Caroli

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