3 simple ways to help your product owner

16 Feb 2023 | Agile Culture

As a team member, it’s important to support your product owner in order to ensure the success of the product. Here are three simple ways you can help your product owner:

  1. Plan a Lean Inception: A Lean Inception is a process that helps a team quickly align and validate assumptions about a product idea before building the whole thing. It involves a series of activities designed to clarify the problem the product is trying to solve, define the target customer, and identify the minimum viable product to validate the initial hypothesis. By planning a Lean Inception, you can help your product owner get a better understanding of the product, gather valuable insights, and make informed decisions.
  2. Plan a Collaborative PBB Canvas Session for Writing User Stories: The PBB Canvas provides a step-by-step guide for identifying Personas, Features, and Work Items for building great user stories Usng. A collaborative PBB canvas session is a workshop where the team works together to identify and write the user stories that represent the requirements and features of the product. By planning this session, you can help your product owner ensure that the team is aligned and that the product backlog is well-defined.
  3. Provide Constant Feedback on Your Work: Providing constant feedback on your work helps the product owner understand how your work is progressing and how it relates to the user stories in the backlog, the product increment, and the hypothesis to be validated. By providing constant feedback, you can help the product owner make informed decisions about the direction of the product and ensure that the team is working effectively towards the same goal.

By implementing these three simple ways, you can support your product owner and contribute to the success of the product.



Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is the author of the best-selling book “Lean Inception: How to Align People and Build the Right Product” (the first on a series of books about Lean Strategy and Delivery). He's also the creator of FunRetrospectives.com , a site and book about retrospectives, futurospectives and team building activities. Caroli writes on this blog frequently. Receive the next post in your email. Sign up here .
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