Scheduling assessment Interviews – activity

19 Jan 2023 | Inception Activities

Some engagements start with a few assessment interviews. Sometimes, I will schedule all the assessment interviews. It is a lot of work to (1) decide who to interview and (2) align everyone agenda. Therefore, many times, I will facilitate a simple activity so a group of people (together) decide and schedule the assessment interviews.

Scheduling assessment Interviews – activity.

In order to help planning the work ahead and measure the improvements brought by this engagement, we will conduct interviews with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and the people related to it. We will run interviews, structure our notes and present the assessment result.

Listen to the people and track the current state via a proven assessment

Step by Step

  1. Define the interviewers, the interviewees and schedule the interviews
  2. Execute the interviews, take notes and grade the assessment categories
  3. Present the assessment result and keep the data for future comparison

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The presented activity works for many kinds of assessments (and there are many that consultants use). As an example, here is an article on the Continuous Delivery Assessment,, a tool applicable to all organisations that are seeking improvements on digital products creation via excellent software delivery practices.

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