Certified Lean Inception Trainer – CLT

Certified Lean Inception Trainer – CLT®

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The Certified Lean Inception Trainer® (CLT®) certificate identifies individuals certified to teach official Lean Inception training (in English,  in Spanish,, or another language, and to form new Certified Lean Inception Facilitators® (CLF®).

Check here the list of authorised CLT®s.

I, Paulo Caroli, am striving to create a fair process for the training and support of CLT®s, the group of people who will train on the Lean Inception method, helping people and organizations improve the way they work.

Requirements for Lean Inception Trainer Certification

To apply for CLT® training, you must:

  • Have participated in at least two CLF® trainings (50% discount on the second);
  • Have completed the first CLF® training at least six months from the current date;
  • Demonstrate that you have facilitated Lean Inception workshops.
Vacancies for CLT training open according to the demand for Lean Inception training.

Once new vacancies are opened, the current CLTs make the choice among the candidates. They take into account the following aspects:

  • performance within communities (Lean, Agile, User eXperience),
  • language and region,
  • experience as a facilitator,
  • diversity, and
  • experience with training, consulting and entrepreneurship

Trainer apprentice

Once selected as a trainer, you will be on an apprentice period. Please note that this trainer apprentice period has nothing to do with your current knowledge, but with the formation of the Lean Inception training community. I am aware that the ˜Lean Inception trainer apprentices” have lots of knowledge and work experience, about and beyond Lean Inception.

As a trainer apprentice you must participate in a Train the Trainers class with Caroli, you have to co-facilitate three Lean Inception trainings with other Certified Lean Inception trainers. The average of these trainings NPS must be higher than 9. Also, the trainers will provide feedback to you and to the CLT group trainers.  That’s  how you become a CLT.


What do you do after receiving your CLT certificate?

Once you become a CLT, you will be included on the authorised CLT page and invited to teach open class trainings and InCompany classes. In addition to the trainings, you will also be invited to facilitate (or co-facilitate) Lean Inception workshops and will be invited to speak on the subject.

As a CLT, you play a key role in the Agile, Entrepreneurship and User / Service Experience communities. You should participate in events and user groups, write, talk, and discuss on workshops facilitation. By maintaining an active dialogue within your community, you promote the Lean Inception workshop, improving the lives and work of many people.

Your certification (which includes your bio listed page of authorised CLTs) is valid for six months. After that, it only persists because:

  1. you continue to teach authorised Lean Inception training (at least one every three months).
  2. the average feedback from their training stays above 9 (on a scale of 0 to 10).

Apply Now!

If you already meet the requirements and are interested in applying for the CLT process, then sign up on the following form.


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