Certified OKR Facilitator

The certificate – Certified OKR Facilitator – is awarded to individuals who participate in a hands-on session of the Team OKR Mastery: Unlocking Team Success with OKRs, which is aimed at professionals who want to learn how to set clear and measurable objectives, create key performance results (KR) and track progress to achieve real results, as well as learn how to facilitate a group of people in defining and tracking effective and challenging OKRs.

What should you do after receiving your certificate?

Put into practice. You already have the theory. So you have to practice, a lot. Share your knowledge and your achievements. Join communities and discussion groups. Write a post, make a video about your experience with OKRs, create a talk. Share! Many companies are looking for people with this qualification. If you use LinkedIn, add your certificate to your profile. Click here and check out the step by step.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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