FunRetro certificate on LinkedIn

Follow these steps to add your FunRetro facilitator certificate to your LinkedIn page.

1. Open the LinkedIn profile edit page

You can access the edit page directly by clicking here. If you are not already logged in to LinkedIn, enter your username and password.

2. Fill in the certificate information

  • Name: Certified FunRetro Facilitator
  • Organization: Caroli.org
  • This credential does not expire: please check
  • Issue Date: Enter your training class date (this date is on the certificate you received by email)
  • Credential Code: This field is optional and you must leave it blank.
  • Credential URL: https://caroli.org/certified-funretro-facilitator/ *

3. Click Save

* You can either use this URL of the page with Caroli.org information about the certificate, or put a unique URL, just yours, with your specific certificate. Most people create a LinkedIn post to share the certificate and tag people in the class; then copy the post URL and use it for the ‘credential URL’. There are also many people who upload the PDF file of their certificate to cloud services such as Dropbox/public and Google Drive. Then share the public link of your certificate as the ‘Credential URL’.

Have fun retrospectives,

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