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[FunRetrospectives] Agenda Builder released

17 Sep 2019 | Remote


We have just released the FunRetrospectives.com Agenda Builder.


The thing is, I always create a 7-step retrospective agenda whenever preparing for a retrospective.


I already have a simple app for helping with the online retrospectives: https://app.funretrospectives.com/


So now it was about time to create a simple page to help you build your 7-step retrospective agenda, as described in the e-book and the article.




Enjoy it, and please provide us with feedback (this will guide us for building the next features)

Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is the author of the best-selling book “Lean Inception: How to Align People and Build the Right Product” (the first on a series of books on business agility). He's also the creator of FunRetrospectives.com , a site and book about retrospectives, futurospectives and team building activities. Caroli writes on this blog frequently. Receive the next post in your email. Sign up here.
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