Agile fairy dust

21 Apr 2015 | Product Management

Scrum and Kanban are the Blue Fairy from Pinnochio´s tale. Their transparency uncovers anyone´s untruthfulness.


It is like sprinkling the team with a fairy dust.

Scrum recurring meetings uncover the goals, the team commitments and how the team is doing to accomplish it. All is a very short cadence, typically from one to four weeks.


Kanban gives a clear view on the state of the art for the work and the work value flow. At all times, right on the team´s face (the wall, the whiteboard, or an online option).


Basically one cannot lie or not talk about what is clearly visible to everyone. The nose will grow very fast. Even better; it will not need to grow a lot before the team recognize and act on it.



Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli is the author of the best-selling book “Lean Inception: How to Align People and Build the Right Product” (the first on a series of books about Lean Strategy and Delivery). He's also the creator of , a site and book about retrospectives, futurospectives and team building activities. Caroli writes on this blog frequently. Receive the next post in your email. Sign up here .
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